【Kusatsu Music Archive】Saschko Gawriloff, Hiromi Okada & Quartet Excelsior 2012

The 18th piece of “Kusatsu Music Archive” is the 1st movement from Chausson’s concert in D Major, Op.21. Saschko Gawriloff plays the violin and Hiromi Okada plays the piano with Quartet Excelsior.
This “Concert” is formed by violin, piano and string quartet. Saschko Gawriloff who plays the solo violin and leads the ensemble was appointed concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of 18, and has continued to play solo and chamber music at the forefront of the world. Many of the musicians who has been taught from him in Kusatsu and have been in the world, including Sayaka Shoji, and he continues to support Kusatsu Music Festival in terms of both performance and instruction. In recent years, Hiromi Okada who plays the piano in a brilliant style has become an essential part of the festival. Quartet Excelsior which has been participating in the festival since 2011 joined the ensemble for a colorful chamber music performance that is unique to Kusatsu Music Festival.

E.Chausson: Concert in D Major, Op.21, I. Décidé
Saschko Gawriloff (Vn), Hiromi Okada (Pf), Quartet Excelsior
Recording: 30th August, 2012 (Kusatsu Ongaku-no-mori Concert Hall, Gunma, Japan)【Live Recording】

【Kusatsu Music Archive】Wolfgang Schulz, Naoko Yoshino & Kimbo Ishii 2012

【Message】Message from Prof. Thomas Indermühle Part2


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