Theme for 2020:

This year is the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. The theme for this year is “BEETHOVEN and his ERA”. The 41st Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy & Festival will feature not only some works of Beethoven, but also those of Hummel, Haydn, Josef Runner, Johann Strauss, Karl Cherney and Ferdinand Reese. Furthermore, we will feature all of Beethoven’s symphonies. At Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy & Festival, the chamber music festival, these symphonies will be reproduced in the chamber music version that Beethoven would have heard during his lifetime, with the cooperation of Wiener Musikverein. With an ensemble featuring musicians from Vienna, please enjoy the music echoing in the highlands of Kusatsu.

Past Themes

  • The 1st in 1980: The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • The 2nd in 1981: The Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • The 3rd in 1982: The Music of J.Brahms & J.S.Bach
  • The 4th in 1983: The Music of F.Schubert
  • The 5th in 1984: The Music of F.J.Haydn
  • The 6th in 1985: The Music of J.S.Bach and Sons
  • The 7th in 1986: The Music of Robert Schumann
  • The 8th in 1987: The Music of Mozart & Mannheim School
  • The 9th in 1988: French Music (Berlioz, Debussy & Ravel)
  • The 10th in 1989: The Music of Ludwig van Beethoven
  • The 11th in 1990: The Music around the 1790
  • The 12th in 1991: The Early Romantic Music around 1830
  • The 13th in 1992: The 1750-from Baroque to Classical Music
  • The 14th in 1993: Music of “The Fin de Siecle”
  • The 15th in 1994: Music of “Schubert and His Time”
  • The 16th in 1995: The Way to Mozart
  • The 17th in 1996: The Era of Wagner and Brahms
  • The 18th in 1997: J.S.Bach and the 20th Century
  • The 19th in 1998: The Era of Beethoven
  • The 20th in 1999: Music from Classic to Today
  • The 21st in 2000: J.S.Bach and Romantic Music
  • The 22nd in 2001: Mozart on Tour
  • The 23rd in 2002: Musical Cities, Paris & Vienna
  • The 24th in 2003: The Stream of Romanticism
  • The 25th in 2004: From Bach to Beethoven
  • The 26th in 2005: Cities and Music in Germany
  • The 27th in 2006: Mozart and the 18th Century
  • The 28th in 2007: from Beethoven to Brahms
  • The 29th in 2008: Music of 18th Century ~from Baroque to Classic
  • The 30th in 2009: 1809 Bicentenary of Haydn & Mendelssohn
  • The 31st in 2010: Schumann, Chopin and Biedermeier Era
  • The 32nd in 2011: Flung spear into the future ~Franz Liszt and Romanticism~
  • The 33rd in 2012: Mozart meets Debussy in Kusatsu
  • The 34th in 2013: Bicentenary of Richard Wagner ~The path I came from~
  • The 35th in 2014: The 150th anniversary of Richard Strauss~ Music from the cities of Munich, Vienna and Dresden~
  • The 36th in 2015: 1815 Biedermeier in Vienna,1915 The Music of the 20th century post Debussy
  • The 37th in 2016: from Italy, to Italy
  • The 38th in 2017: Miracle Mozart – leaping through time
  • The 39th in 2018: Music in Nature
  • The 40th in 2019: from Bach to Schubert