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Message from Faculty 2023【⑦】

Prof. Miroslav Sehnoutka, violist who was born in Prague, Czech sent us a warm video message to Masterclass students.

Video Message from Prof. Miroslav Sehnoutka

He has been participating our festival since 1998 as a member of Panocha String Quartet and also as a professor for our masterclass.

This is a great opportunity to learn musics of composers of Czech from the violist who comes from Prague.

Born in Prague. Studies at Prague Academy of Music from 1970 to 1976 with Dr. Milan Skampa, who was a member of Smetana Quartet. He joined Panocha Quartet in 1971 which study with Dr. Josef Micka and later with Antonin Kohout. As a member of the Quartet, he participated Summer school program of Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar and Norfolk Chamber Music Festival hosted by Yale School of Music where they studies with Raphael Hillyer from Julliard Quartet. With Panocha Quartet he played with many artists from Czech such as Jan Panenka, Josef Suk, Josef Chuchro, Ivan Klansky and Rudolf Firkusny. Panocha Quartet also has a long time friendship with Andras Schiff. They have been known each other since 1974. As a member of Panocha Quartet and violist, he played with Heinz Holliger, Eduard Brunner, Bruno Canino, Aurele Nicolet, Klaus Thunemann, Yuko Shiokawa, Keiko Toyama, Michael Collins, Manahem Pressler. The Quartet performed with those artists at the Festival in Edinburgh, Kuhmo, Tel Aviv, Mondsee, Ittingen, Dartington and Kusatsu. Since the beginning of 1999, he is a member of ‘Capella Andrea Barca’ where his friendship continues with Andras Schiff.


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