Theme for 2019 and past themes

Theme for the 40th Kusatsu Summer International Music Academy and Festival:

from Bach to Schubert

Past Themes

  • The 1st in 1980: The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • The 2nd in 1981: The Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • The 3rd in 1982: The Music of J.Brahms & J.S.Bach
  • The 4th in 1983: The Music of F.Schubert
  • The 5th in 1984: The Music of F.J.Haydn
  • The 6th in 1985: The Music of J.S.Bach and Sons
  • The 7th in 1986: The Music of Robert Schumann
  • The 8th in 1987: The Music of Mozart & Mannheim School
  • The 9th in 1988: French Music (Berlioz, Debussy & Ravel)
  • The 10th in 1989: The Music of Ludwig van Beethoven
  • The 11th in 1990: The Music around the 1790
  • The 12th in 1991: The Early Romantic Music around 1830
  • The 13th in 1992: The 1750-from Baroque to Classical Music
  • The 14th in 1993: Music of “The Fin de Siecle”
  • The 15th in 1994: Music of “Schubert and His Time”
  • The 16th in 1995: The Way to Mozart
  • The 17th in 1996: The Era of Wagner and Brahms
  • The 18th in 1997: J.S.Bach and the 20th Century
  • The 19th in 1998: The Era of Beethoven
  • The 20th in 1999: Music from Classic to Today
  • The 21st in 2000: J.S.Bach and Romantic Music
  • The 22nd in 2001: Mozart on Tour
  • The 23rd in 2002: Musical Cities, Paris & Vienna
  • The 24th in 2003: The Stream of Romanticism
  • The 25th in 2004: From Bach to Beethoven
  • The 26th in 2005: Cities and Music in Germany
  • The 27th in 2006: Mozart and the 18th Century
  • The 28th in 2007: from Beethoven to Brahms
  • The 29th in 2008: Music of 18th Century ~from Baroque to Classic
  • The 30th in 2009: 1809 Bicentenary of Haydn & Mendelssohn
  • The 31st in 2010: Schumann, Chopin and Biedermeier Era
  • The 32nd in 2011: Flung spear into the future ~Franz Liszt and Romanticism~
  • The 33rd in 2012: Mozart meets Debussy in Kusatsu
  • The 34th in 2013: Bicentenary of Richard Wagner ~The path I came from~
  • The 35th in 2014: The 150th anniversary of Richard Strauss~ Music from the cities of Munich, Vienna and Dresden~
  • The 36th in 2015: 1815 Biedermeier in Vienna,1915 The Music of the 20th century post debussy
  • The 37th in 2016: from Italy, to Italy
  • The 38th in 2017: Miracle Mozart – leaping through time
  • The 39th in 2018: Music in Nature