1. Concert Information for 2018

    We have updated our concert tile of the day for the festival.http://kusa2.jp/en/festival/concert-schedule39th/…


  2. Faculty information for 2018

    Faculty information for 2018  have updated!…


  3. Regarding the eruption of Mt. Motoshirane in Gunma

    The volcano erupted on Tuesday morning (January 23rd, 2018). There are no damages around Kusatsu town and Tenguyama Rest House area because it is approximately 7km away from the eruption point.…


  4. Announcement for the change of performer

    It is with regret that we have to announce a change of performer due to his health condition.  Koji Yamashita (Bass) will be performing on Aug. 20th and 24th' popular concert instead of Naoki Ota. …


  5. about concert schedule

    We have updated on our website: Concert schedule has been updated.…


  6. We have updated on our website.

    We have updated on our website: Concert schedule and Open lesson schedule has been added. On our blog, we added some answers of questioners from our professors.We asked some questions about the concert and masterclass. Answers from Prof. Kulhan from Panocha Quartet and Prof. Varga will be on …


  7. We have started accepting the applications for masterclass!

    Kusatsu  International Summer Music Academy and Festival started accepting the application for masterclasses!! The dead line is on June 30th.If you are interested in the enrollment for the masterclass, please contact: info@kusa2.jpWe have 15 masterclasses this summer, for more details please visit here.…


  8. Information for Toyama Foundation Scholarship has updated!

    The application’ deadline is on Monday, May 1st 2017 (Japan time)Kazuyuki Toyama was our former Music Director from 1990 until 2009 and one of the founders of this festival. This foundation was established with his strong will for supporting young musicians who are participating Kusatsu academy masterclasses.Don’t miss this great opportunity to participate a masterclass from world-class mu…