1. Acknowledgement

    It is with deep regret that we must inform you that Prof. Wolfgang Meyer died on the 17 May at the age of 64. He has been a faculty member from the 16th to the 27th Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy and Festival(1995-2006).…


  2. Acknowledgement

    As the conductor of choir and orchestra Prof. Jörg Ewald Dähler died on the 3 November at the age of 85. He has been a faculty member from the 8th to the 32nd Kusatsu International Academy and Festival(1987-2011) and also organized master classes of interpretations for Schubert lieder.We are always admired by his strict and sincere attitude towards music.…


  3. We have closed the application of Masterclass and Choir class.

    The submission of the application of Masterclass and Choir class has closed as of Friday, June 29th.If you are still interested in enrolling, please contact us directly info@kusa2.jp…


  4. Concert tickets for the 39th Kusatsu Summer International Academy and Festival will be on sale from Friday June 1st 10 a.m.

    Tickets can be purchased from online ticket service ‘Confetti’ after June 1st 10 a.m. Purchase can be made from inside or outside of Japan: https://www.confetti-web.com/en/detail.php?tid=46071&…


  5. Deadline for Kazuyuki Toyama Scholarship has passed.

    Thank you very much for your application for Kazuyuki Toyama Scholarship for Masterclass students.Application submission for Edit Picht-Axenfeld Scholarship for Chamber Music Groups is still open and its deadline is June 29th.http://kusa2.jp/en/academy/scholarchips/If you are interested, please contact us info@kusa2.jp…


  6. Concert Program has updated!

    We have updated our concert programs for the festival. Please check out our unique program of this year’ theme of ‘Music in Nature’: http://kusa2.jp/en/festival/concert-schedule39th/Tickets will go on sale from 10:00 a.m. Friday, June 1st, 2018Ticket information: http://kusa2.jp/en/festival/ticket/…


  7. Submission deadline for Kazuyuki Toyama Scholarship

    Submission deadline for ‘Kazuyuki Toyama Scholarship for Masterclass students’ is approaching. Please send us necessary information by Tuesday, May 15th 2018.http://kusa2.jp/en/academy/scholarchips/…


  8. Concert Information for 2018

    We have updated our concert tile of the day for the festival.http://kusa2.jp/en/festival/concert-schedule39th/…


  9. Faculty information for 2018

    Faculty information for 2018  have updated!…


  10. Regarding the eruption of Mt. Motoshirane in Gunma

    The volcano erupted on Tuesday morning (January 23rd, 2018). There are no damages around Kusatsu town and Tenguyama Rest House area because it is approximately 7km away from the eruption point.…