Access to Kusatsu Town

Kusatsu is 200 km from Tokyo in the Northwestern part of Gunma Prefecture. It has been a leading hot spring resort of Japan for centuries, with its 1,200-meter-high mountain weather and climate.
There are various ways to get Kustasu.

Kusatsu town is located in the north part of Gunma prefecture and it takes about 4 to 4.5 hours from Tokyo.

Shinkansen ‘Asama’ or ‘Hakutaka’ + Bus from Karuizawa station (Fastest travel option; 3.5 hrs for whole travel)

JR Express ‘Kusatsu’ from Ueno station + Bus (faster access option from Ueno station)

+JR Express ‘Kusatsu’ (from Ueno station to Naganohara Kusatsu guchi)
+Bus (Naganohara Kusatsu guchi – Kusatsu onsen bus terminal)
+The bus runs to Kusatsu when JR Express arrives at the station.

・JR Express bus ‘Joshu Yumeguri-gou’ (Straight travel to Kusatsu town )

+From Shinjuku station bus terminal https://www.highwaybus.com/html/gp/foreign/en/access/ (New South exit) to Kusatsu bus terminal.
+Schedule for the JR express bus: http://www.jrbuskanto.co.jp.e.wn.hp.transer.com/

Kusatsu town website shows transportation options and sightseeing information

http://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp/ (There are other language selections for auto translation)