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Edit Picht-Axenfeld Scholarship for Chamber Music Groups

Edit Picht-Axenfeld was a former professor and performer in this festival from 1981 until 1996.


All members of the group are able to stay in Kusatsu from Aug. 18th -23rd or Aug. 24th -29th.

Chamber music including piano, i.e. quartet, quintet

Anyone who never received the scholarship from us can apply.

Choose music which is consistent with the theme of the year.

The winner of the scholarship will be exempt from having to pay their tuition for chamber music lessons and receive ¥100,000 per group.


  1. Fill out the application form for the masterclass, one sheet per person, and the record of past performance on a separate sheet.
  2. The video approximately 10 minutes. Send two videos of same content. DVD-video format which can be reproduced by DVD player is acceptable. Recordings in bad condition or with low volume will not be judged.
  3. The application form and the video of the applicants performing must be submitted by July 1st, 2019

Our music director and commissioners will review the application form and the video.


Kazuyuki Toyama Scholarship for Masterclass students

Kazuyuki Toyama was a former Music Director from 1990 until 2009 and one of the founders of this festival


Eligibility: Any applicants for entering masterclass who need financial support.

The winner of the scholarship will be exempt from having to pay their tuition for masterclass lessons and receive ¥200,000 yen per person.(¥100,000 for Clarinet Class)


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For more information on how to apply, you can download the Toyama Foundation Scholarship Application Guidelines 2019 (PDF) for further information.  

Scholarships from Gunma Prefecture

Anyone who passed ‘Gunma new talent audition’ is applicable for the exemption of masterclass fee. Please contact ‘Gunmaken Kyoiku Bunka Jigyoudan’ for more details.